The Advent of Traveling with a Clean Criminal Record

Traveling is a beautiful experience. It is a time to enjoy your surroundings and relax. According to a recent report from the United States Travel Association, nearly 77% of Americans travel for leisure.

Make the most out of your traveling experience by taking preventative measures. The first step is to determine if your criminal record is eligible for record clearing services.

If you are eligible and if your cases proceed so far as to receive a granted order, you can avoid being detained at the border for long periods of time and can lower your chances of being denied entry at the border.

For example, with nearly 35 million people visiting Canada every year according to Canada’s Citizenship & Immigration Department, it is pertinent to be aware that Canada is in an information sharing agreement with the United States. That means Canada will be able to see your criminal record information in the United States and can potentially deny you entry into their country.

If you are planning on traveling this summer or travel often due to work purposes, ensure efficient travel by clearing your criminal record first.

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