Applying for a Pardon in Minnesota

Not all cases are eligible for Minnesota expungement; however, there is another option that may be beneficial. Seeking a pardon in the state where your conviction occurred may the best solution to receive criminal record relief.

In order to apply for a pardon, there are certain requirements that may need to be met.  You will have to complete the application procedure.  This information can be found in great detail at

If you are applying for a pardon in Minnesota, below you will find the eligibility requirements and process for applying.



  • There are two types of pardons in Minnesota:
    • A “regular pardon” can be applied for if:
      • You are still serving your sentence
    • A “pardon extraordinary” can be applied for if:
      • You have met the waiting period for your crime
        • If you were convicted of a “crime of violence”, you must wait ten years after you have been discharged from your sentence.
        • During the wait period, you must not be convicted of any other crimes
        • If you were not convicted of a “crime of violence”, then there is a five-year waiting period in which you must not be convicted of any other crimes.


  • To request your Pardon Application, you may:
    • Call The Minnesota Board of Pardons at 651-642-0284
    • Write a request to:
      Minnesota Board of Pardons
      1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200
      St. Paul, MN
  • Fill out Pardon Application as directed on the Application
  • Obtain your Criminal History Record by contacting the Minnesota Department of Public Safety by:
  • Prepare a personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Send completed Pardon Application to Minnesota Board of Pardons