Expunging an Arrest Record in Minnesota

Some Minnesota arrests may be expunged
Minnesota statute 609A allows for the expungement of arrest records. Minnesota arrest records can only be expunged if your charges were dropped before trial and were not convicted of the crime for which you were arrested.

Petition and Filing Fees

After determining your eligibility, you will begin the expungement process by submitting a petition with the same courthouse where your offense occurred. You will need to include the filing fee when submitting your petition and must provide the following information:

  • The petitioner’s full name, all legal names or any aliases by which the petitioner has been referred to or known as at any point in time
  • The petitioner’s date of birth
  • All addresses from the time of the (alleged) offense to the time of the petitions submission
  • The reason for pursuing an expungement
  • Information pertaining to the offense such as the name of the arresting agency, the court number file, relevant dates – arrest, court dates – and names of involved parties (if applicable)

You will also be required to turn in the following with your petition:

  • A copy of any court order such as a restraining order
  • A record of all criminal history
  • Evidence of steps taken toward personal progress since conviction including completed community service, treatment programs, personal achievement at school, work, or in the community, and other relevant personal history that speaks to your rehabilitation

Expungement Hearing

Once your petition for an arrest expungement has been submitted, the court will set a hearing date where you have the opportunity to convince the district attorney and the judge that expunging your arrest record would greatly benefit your circumstances and is in the interest of society.

The hearing will take place no sooner than 60 days after the petition is served, and will be tried on a first-come, first-serve basis. During the hearing, the judge will review statements from the victim – if applicable – as well as objections from the district attorney. In turn, the defendant (you) has the opportunity to present supporting evidence that demonstrates the extent of the defendant’s rehabilitation and why the defendant deserves the expungement. If you are unsure if you are eligible to expunge your record and would like to find out, the easiest way is to take the online eligibility test provided by recordgone.com. To learn more about expunging your record visit: Minnesota Judicial Branch’s basics of criminal record expungement or check out our expungement related articles.