Always find an Experienced Attorney for your Expungement

Any licensed Minnesota expungement attorney can represent you in courst, but choosing a specialized expungement attorney increases your chances of a successful expungement. Specialized expungement attorneys have higher success rates and know the rules and procedures of Minnesota courts. The efficiency that comes with experience results in a quicker expungement at a far lower price than non-specialized expungement attorneys.


Criminal Record Expungement in Minnesota Facts
Usually, people become interested in criminal expungement when they are denied a job, housing, or a professional license because of their criminal record. In Minnesota’s post 9/11 economy, more than 70 percent of employers conduct criminal background checks. Several government offices keep records of criminal cases; the court has records of all matters filed with the court, the police have a record of the arrest, and the prosecutors offices keep records, too. In addition, Minnesota criminal justice agencies are required to send records to the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in St. Paul. The BCA records are searchable by the public for a small fee. With information so easily accessed by the public, expungement of felony and misdemeanor records is becoming increasingly important.

Criminal Expungement requires going to court to ask a Judge to seal a criminal record. When a record is sealed, it does not show up in a criminal background check. It is important to remember that a sealed record is not destroyed. The police, immigration authorities, and other public officials may still see sealed court files for certain purposes.

Types of Cases that Are Eligible for Expungement

Even if you are found “not guilty” in a criminal case, you still have a criminal record. But, the laws of Minnesota permit expungement of a case if the outcome is “in your favor.” For example, if you are arrested and charged, but the prosecutor later decides to dismiss the case, you may ask for an expungement. If you never entered a guilty plea and you successfully completed a pre-trial diversion program you may also qualify for an expungement. A conviction (pleading guilty or being found guilty) is not an outcome “in your favor.” In some cases, an expungement is possible if you were convicted; an experienced attorney is almost always necessary to have a conviction expunged.

Minnesota Domestic Violence Definition

“Domestic abuse” means the following, if committed against a family or household member by a family or household member:

(1) physical harm, bodily injury, or assault;

(2) the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault; or

(3) terroristic threats, within the meaning of section 609.713, subdivision 1; criminal sexual conduct, within the meaning of section 609.342, 609.343, 609.344, 609.345, or 609.3451; or interference with an emergency call within the meaning of section 609.78, subdivision 2.
Benefits of Having Your Minnesota Arrest Records and Other Records Expunged

  • Tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • Become eligible for student loans
  • Become eligible for housing assistance
  • Become eligible for more types of professional licenses and certificates in Minnesota
  • Tell friends and family that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • To stop fearing or being embarrassed when someone does a background check on you.