Adult Arrest Records Expungement

There are a few options you can take in Minnesota to expunge or seal your record.

Minnesota allows you to expunge arrests as long as you were not convicted of the crime.

An expungement is a necessity in your future because many organizations such as employers, landowners, and financial institutes all utilize background checks to see whether or not you have a prior criminal record. An expungement is a great investment because it completely removes the record from the public’s view.

From our experience, most Minnesota expungements take about 6 months, with a few law firms claiming to do it faster, such as RecordGone’s Minnesota Expungement services.

If you do utilize the services of a law firm to facilitate your expungement, make sure that there are no hidden fees and no additional charges. If there is a flat fee option, make sure to always take it, as it will protect you in the long run and prevent any unexpected fees in the future. Representing yourself in court is a high risk as there is usually only one chance to properly expunge your record. That is why we highly recommend finding an experienced law firm to represent you in court.

In many cases you don’t even need to show up to court – you simply let your attorney represent you. This leaves you to continue on with your life and focus on your job, family, and friends.

Also consider looking at Database Clearing or Update services. Some law firms offer a service where they notify online background record companies to remove mugshots and records off public websites. This way after your expungement, you can make sure to have your record clean from the public view.